Tile Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

There has been an increased use of tiles and natural stone by builders and architects in recent years and they look fantastic. However, cleaning these floors can be problematic

Tiles and grout need more than just mopping. At Boambee Carpet and Tile Cleaning we use products specific to your tiled floor, whether it be Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry, Limestone or Terrazzo.

Mopping removes some of the dirt but also spread soils into the grout lines. Our cleaning methods remove all the soils and restore the grout lines to a new look.F2B14197-D7B4-4B4F-A4D2-14110213F0C2

Our tile and grout cleaning methods use quality products to emulsify the inground soils and then extract them with hot water under very high pressure. The results will amaze!

Our Commitment to you

  • We have 24 years personal experience in the carpet and tile cleaning industry
  • We will be on time, that’s our guarantee!
  • We use the latest truck mounted equipment and quality cleaning products
  • Your carpet will dry faster and stay cleaner longer
  • The person you speak to on the phone is the person who will be cleaning your carpet
  • We guarantee the best job
  • We have been trained in all facets of carpet and tile cleaning